How many music genres do exist? Where do they come from? Who does create them?

Throughout human history, music has been fundamental as a way for the expression of curiosity and feelings. Popular music is one of the most prominent, and essential for the cultural identity of people.

Because of its naturalness, proximity, and everydayness, it is considered a conductor for social inclusion and exchange. Just within few decades, music has made history in our period, and as a way of the identity of many generations.

All of its genres and styles are compiled on the History of Music project.

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      42 The Coasters

      Who were The Coaters? In the 1950s, vocal groups competed fiercely. Something else was needed to stand out, and that something made The Coasters the number one group. They became known…

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      41 Cool and drama

      What other school do we find? As the antithesis of the cool style, many groups developed the school of drama. The most prominent were The Platters, a group from Los Angeles…

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      40 Vocal Groups

      Which vocal groups can be mention? The Dominoes was a rhythm and blues vocal group formed in New York in 1950. It was led by gospel teacher Billy Ward, who had…

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      39 Street Corner

      What are these groups like? Youth, inexperience, hobbies and street performances, lead to a serious formal change from the style of their predecessors and models. They rarely had the support of…

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      38 Doo Wop

      What is doo wop? The doo wop is a vocal style of music born from the union of rhythm and blues and gospel. It developed in African-American communities in the United…

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      37 Bo Diddley

      What does he represent? If Chuck Berry was the archetype of the rocker, Bo Diddley was the architect of the rock and roll sound. He mixed an elemental guitar riff with…

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      36 Monkey Business

      What was his best moment? From 1955, Berry began a dizzying existence. He appears in several films and travels all over the country with other young artists. All this while recording…

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      35 Chuck Berry

      How important is it? He is the inventor of the simple and perennial form of rock and archetype of rocker. His songs are the quintessence of the style: unstoppable rhythm, sharp…

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      34 Chicago

      How important is it? After the war, the blues had a great influence on the mass popular music of the United States. Although New Orleans’ rhythm and blues reigns supreme in…

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      33 Tutti Frutti

      When did he succeed? While washing dishes at the Macon bus station, he sends a tape to the Los Angeles-based Specialty label, which, after six months, replies with a plane ticket…