How many music genres do exist? Where do they come from? Who does create them?

Throughout human history, music has been fundamental as a way for the expression of curiosity and feelings. Popular music is one of the most prominent, and essential for the cultural identity of people.

Because of its naturalness, proximity, and everydayness, it is considered a conductor for social inclusion and exchange. Just within few decades, music has made history in our period, and as a way of the identity of many generations.

All of its genres and styles are compiled on the History of Music project.

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      77 Instrumental Surf

      Which bands do we find? Among the bands, Johnny & The Hurricanes stood out, which created a personal sound, thanks to the sax of Johnny Paris and the electric organ of…

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      76 Instrumental Rock and Roll

      What was it? Between 1956 and 1964, instrumentalists and bands that had little or no voice on their songs appeared, being the voice replaced by one of the instruments. It occurred…

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      75 Roy Orbison

        Who was he? He was one of the great poets of pop thanks to his voice and technique. His image was somewhat grotesque, due to his excessive self-control. Adapted to…

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      74 Ricky Nelson

      Who was he? Ricky Nelson was the first youth idol to emerge on television. From 1952 he appeared on the show The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. A sitcom that he…

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      73 The Everly Brothers

      What’s their music like? Despite the dominance of teen idols and high school, rock and roll is still alive. While young enthusiasts create garage sound and instrumental rock, other artists move…

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      72 Hollywood High School

      How does rock and roll make its debut in the movies? The first time in which cinema was mixed with rock and roll was in the movie Rock Around the Clock…

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      71 High School Stars

      Do they all go out of style? Only those who have some kind of musical talent are saved. The best example is Paul Anka, a Lebanese Canadian who writes his own songs. He…

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      70 American Bandstan

      What was it? The rock and roll cleanup had television on its side. The Bandstand music program, from a Philadelphia radio station, achieved wide acceptance. In 1957, it was broadcast for…

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      69 Teen Idols

      What are they? Following the new slogan, since 1957 the most exuberant rock and roll was being replaced by softer and mellow music destined for youth consumption. It is the triumph of…

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      68 Punishment for Rock and Roll

      A conspiracy? Starting in 1957, there is a conspiracy to get things back on track. Strong companies have seen how independent record labels, which record unleashed black men and semi-illiterate cowboys,…