How many music genres do exist? Where do they come from? Who does create them?

Throughout human history, music has been fundamental as a way for the expression of curiosity and feelings. Popular music is one of the most prominent, and essential for the cultural identity of people.

Because of its naturalness, proximity, and everydayness, it is considered a conductor for social inclusion and exchange. Just within few decades, music has made history in our period, and as a way of the identity of many generations.

All of its genres and styles are compiled on the History of Music project.

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      67 Buddy Holly

       Who was he? He was one of the great rock and roll songwriters of all time. His songs created a school and popularized the scheme of two guitars and a voice…

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      66 Gene Vincent

      Who was he? If Elvis aspired to the tender charisma of James Dean, Gene Vincent had something of the Marlon Brando of Savage, outer threat and inner torment. It’s the heritage…

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      65 Jerry Lee Lewis

      Who is he? He represents the rebel rocker against massification and meekness. He shows contempt for the most elementary social customs. He is nicknamed “The Killer” because of his strong personality…

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      64 Advantageous Students

      Were there original offers? Screamin’ Jay Hawkins was an aspiring opera singer who turned his career around to rhythm and blues. With humor, circus performances, and a sometimes macabre aesthetic, he…

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      63 The Academy

      Who was there before Elvis? Big Joe Turner was a mastermind of the jump-blues of the 1940s and 1950s. He influenced many musicians and contributed to the development of rock and…

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      62 Elvis´ Children

      What did Elvis represent? Before the appearance of Elvis, there were already many young performers looking for their own language through rock and roll. Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino or…

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      61 The Electric Guitar

      Why the electric guitar? From the beginning, rock and roll was described as noisy. Energy, one of its fundamental characteristics, needed volume to express itself. This came thanks to amplifiers and…

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      60 More Records

      When did the CD appear? In 1980, the Phillips and Sony companies began to jointly develop the compact disk. On October 1, 1982, Sony introduced the CDP-101, the first compact disc…

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      59 Vinyl

      When does the vinyl come out? In 1948, Columbia Records introduced the 12-inch polyvinyl chloride record at 33 rpm. Called LP (acronym for long play or ‘long duration’), it has two…

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      58 Gramphon and Phonograph

      Who won the commercial war? Although the phonograph allowed the user to record his own cylinders with music or voices, these could not be copied. In contrast, the gramophone allowed thousands…