How many music genres do exist? Where do they come from? Who does create them?

Throughout human history, music has been fundamental as a way for the expression of curiosity and feelings. Popular music is one of the most prominent, and essential for the cultural identity of people.

Because of its naturalness, proximity, and everydayness, it is considered a conductor for social inclusion and exchange. Just within few decades, music has made history in our period, and as a way of the identity of many generations.

All of its genres and styles are compiled on the History of Music project.

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      32 Little Richard

      Who is he? Discover new musical continents that others will explore later. To a mix of blues, rhythm and blues and gospel, add rhythmic speed and vitality to create exhilarating and…

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      31 Fats Domino

      Who is he? Antoine Domino was the serial head of the so-called New Orleans sound. He started very young playing rhythm and blues in places in his city, accompanied by bassist…

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      30 New Orleans

      What happens in New Orleans? New Orleans is a rich and exciting musical hotbed. Music is played at funerals as well as at carnival parades and slums in Storyville, the neighbourhood…

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      29 Two Cities

      What happened to Race Music? The race music aspect is very active. New genres, styles and sounds are appearing that, for the moment, are still in the ghetto. Two cities predominate,…

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      28 Race Music

      How did it affect music? Racial segregation is reflected in all areas of society. That is why the market for popular music is divided into two distinct and mutually exclusive areas.…

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      27 Civil Rights

      How was American society like? After World War II, the United States was left in a hegemonic position. Although America is prosperous and secure, there is the anti-communist hysteria promoted by…

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      26 Electric Blues

      Are there other styles? Other styles that were also electrified were the Texas blues, developed by Blind Lemon Jefferson or Lightnin Hopkins, and the Memphis blues with artists like Furry Lewis…

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      25 Rhythm and Blues

      ¿Cómo evolucionó el blues? Al igual que hicieron muchos músicos de jazz, durante la Gran Migración Negra (especialmente entre 1920 y 1950) gran cantidad de artistas de blues emigraron en busca…

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      24 Urban Blues

       What is urban blues like? Within urban blues, in the twenties the vaudeville blues singers stand out. Mamie Smith records the first album, Crazy Blues by composer Perry Bradford. But she…

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      23 Rural Blues

      How does it expand? By 1912, the American sheet music publishing industry released some of the first compositions associated with blues, including Hart Wand’s Dallas Blues and W. C. Handy’s Memphis…