How many music genres do exist? Where do they come from? Who does create them?

Throughout human history, music has been fundamental as a way for the expression of curiosity and feelings. Popular music is one of the most prominent, and essential for the cultural identity of people.

Because of its naturalness, proximity, and everydayness, it is considered a conductor for social inclusion and exchange. Just within few decades, music has made history in our period, and as a way of the identity of many generations.

All of its genres and styles are compiled on the History of Music project.

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      57 Jukebox

      How important were they? The winning power of World War II prepared an impressive image campaign aimed at selling the product of the American lifestyle. To do so, it relied on…

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      56 The Manager

      Who’s he? The manager is the representative of the artist’s interests. A professional who intervenes in all decisions that affect the public image of the person he or she represents. It…

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      55 Elvis the Hero

      How did his career end? A little later, he’s back on the air. It’s the attraction of a hotel in Las Vegas where he performs flashy concerts. In the 70s, his…

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      54 The King of Rock and Roll

      How did it evolve? Elvis is 19 when he is noticed by Colonel Tom Parker who manipulates him at will in the face of his passivity. The colonel uses all kinds…

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      53 Elvis Presley

      Who was he? At the beginning of the fifties, at Sun Records in Memphis, rockabilly was born, a mixture of rock and roll and hillbilly. Its prophets are singers, young and…

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      52 Carl Perkins

      Who was he? He grows up on a plantation, where a black sharecropper named John Westbrook teaches him to play the guitar and listen to the blues and gospel. On the…

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      51 Covers

      What are they? Aware of the success of small independent labels with the new artists emerging in race music, the major labels create versions of their songs with white, harmless vocalists.…

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      50 Youngsters and Cinema

      What influence did it have? The young, incipient consumerist audience begins to see itself reflected in the cinema, which launches two of the most influential and charismatic symbols: Marlon Brando and…

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      49 The Youngsters

      How did they live? Young people in post-war America had no defined identity but they prospered economically, due to the enormous number of jobs and high wages. Consumption and mass spending…

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      48 Bill Haley

      Who was he? Born near Detroit, Bill Haley was a rock and roll anomaly. He didn’t come from the South, he was an adult, he had no sex appeal and he…