We research music…and spread it.

We look for music sources, compiled their files, and create objective, rigorous, and verified information. We analyze the artists and their creations within a historic-social context.

We decode the messages of Pop Music, which is a cultural, social, and philosophic revolution that has influenced many fields such as ideology, aesthetics, and language.

We immerse ourselves under culture and art to depict them on education and knowledge.


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      The Rastafarian Movement and Reggae Music

      Political and economic situation in Jamaica in the 60s, Bob Marley a musical legend and apolitical Rasta referent The Rastafarian culture, emerged in the Caribbean and later with grand local expansion…

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      Virtual Bodies in Music

      Every time we think about virtual bodies in music, holograms may be the first thing coming to our mind, which have been used to bring us back artists we thought would…

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      Grunge Music

      Artists and bands that revolutionized the nineties music scene. Grunge is a subgenre of rock with roots in heavy metal, hard rock, and punk or hardcore punk (which where a staple…

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      The Genesis of Hip-Hop

      Here’s to the little peace we have left. The genesis of hip-hop The Mexican anthropologist Néstor García Canclini (2001), describes, in his wonderful book Culturas híbridas. Estrategias para entrar y salir…

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      Mabel Millan, classical guitar master

      The young guitarist and soloist from Cordoba, Mabel Millán, considered internationally as one of the best classical guitarists, has an excellent career and musical education. She studied at Conservatorio Superior in…