The ‘hyper’ style that enchants the youth

Popular music has included since its inception numerous age groups; ethnic and cultural, and hyperpop is no exception. Since the end of the previous decade, with its emergence, this genre has not stopped growing. It is difficult to always fix the beginning of a genre as such, since new urban genres end up using small elements of others that are the ones that give rise to a new one, and this happens in a progressive way. If a date had to be set, it would be that of the group’s debut album 100 Gecs, entitled “1000 Gecs”, in May 2019. 

This American group formed by Dylan Brady and Laura Les, experimented with a mix of rhythms close to techno or eurobeat, “pitched” voices that took them away from the most conventional pop and lyrics that could well be from emo-punk artists. The song “money machine” was erected as the group’s debut song; it is also the culmination of all these elements and has more than 80 million views on Spotify since its release. 

It is always beneficial for culture to remember those artists who were there before a whole movement emerged, and it is that Sticky M.A., El Virtual and the Sevillian Pedro Ladroga forged a very solid foundation in the search for new vocal sounds and mixtures. The main tool, the well-known “autotune”, generates controversy every time its use in songs comes to the surface. Despite this, they never wrinkled and have managed to build a whole trajectory of the artists, the divergent attracts us. 

With already seated bases and with a pandemic that offered an escape route to the creative spirit of a large number of young people, hyperpop landed in Spain. Rojuu was one of the first to have the courage to delve deep into the new wave with his work “Roku Roku”. They are sounds that are consolidated with the songs “Love 2 Camela” and “Rubius Nostalgia 2008”. This is also achieved by artists like Cma with the introduction of style in our country with the song “Mucha gente” in November 2020, or a few weeks later Fran Laoren and El virtual with “Krueger”.

Since the beginning of 2021, the expansion of style in Spain and in Spanish-speaking countries such as Argentina and Venezuela is unstoppable. A profile of young artists with little musical trajectory appears, but with a brutal impact due to their adaptation to the genre. This is the case of Faxu (19 years old), who with his first EP called “Exosfera” (November 2021) has reached 950,000 listening on Spotify. His second EP entitled “Virtuality” (June 2022) is close to reaching 4 million listeners on Spotify. Saramalacara (21 years old) is also one of the sensations of the genre and is located on the other side of the world. She is a young Argentine who has not lavished herself in the launch of consolidated works but far exceeds all expectations, since she has half a million monthly listeners and up to 11 songs that exceed 6 digits on Spotify. It is also worth mentioning other artists such as Slappy Av, alequi, Eflexx or Mda, who have released at least one EP so far this year and have laid a very personal style line. 

Without a doubt, young people are the engine of the genre, but not only are the singers the ones who are driving it. The magnificent work of producers such as BLNCOChef C or detunedfreq makes them the main culprits of these rhythms that blow the minds of everyone who enters the genre. A good example of this is “#Hyperpoular”, the first EP as a duo that Cma and SUOB released at the end of May 2022 with the sublime production of detunedfreq, who seems to have the best recipe of what hyperpop hits should be. 

In 2022, this genre has taken such a huge leap that it could almost begin to be labelled mainstream. The Spanish singer María Escarmiento dared to version in hyperpop during the month of October “Puedes contar conmigo”, one of the classics of La Oreja de Van Gogh. One more sign of what connects this new musical wave with an entire young generation, although also melancholic by Spanish pop-rock hits of the 2000s. This is a melancholy that has awakened a new genre of popular music that seeks to be the reference that puts soundtrack to the lives of adolescents from higher sounds and sharpening their emotions. 

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